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Generate QR Codes Easily and Quickly

QR code, also called Quick Response code, is basically an array code with two dimensions. It offers a lot more benefits compared to other kinds of codes. For instance, it could be updated with time.

Diverse Usage

QR code could be used in different ways. In other words, it could be used in pretty much any industry to log activities or track progress. It could be used to update relevant personal information, update daily accounts data, or even amass bulk data for suitable restoration. In addition, there is zero encryption at work. This is because these codes are globally standardized and have a range of applications that read them. This QR Code Generator could be used to make codes for bookmarking a website, making a phone call, sending an SMS or email, etc. QR codes also come in handy with Google and Bing Maps, Android market search, Blackberry Messenger PIN, and sending a tweet on Twitter.

QR Code Adjustment Settings

QR Code settings can be adjusted too. You may adjust QR code size, background and foreground color, and code padding. The code can be exported as HTML, EPS, GIF, JPEG and PNG files. There is error correction level too. Currently, these codes are used in different fields such as advertising, billboards, banners, product information, literature, industrial goods parts assembly, engineering assembly lines, and several other diverse applications.


  • Loaded with features
  • Multipurpose usage
  • Works perfectly with all scanners
  • Good email support


  • Customization features aren’t extensive
  • UI could be better
  • JPG could come out as PNG at times
  • File resolution issues


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QR Code Generator


QR Code Generator 1.9.3 for Mac


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